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Midwest Wanderlust was a prototype magazine.


K-Limited Carrier is a tank truck company in Toledo, OH. Established in 1997, it has almost 100 trucks, with terminals also in Chicago and Detroit. This logo appears on tanker trucks, shirts, holiday cards, placards, business, cards, signage, flags, stickers, stationery — it's the face of the company.


And this is K-Ltd.'s company newsletter, the Connection. I totally pushed for the "Konnection" with the K as it is in the logo. No dice.


A K-Ltd. subsidiary.


Another prototype magazine, Kid Around Chicago was DIY for 5 -12.


One of many logos designed for Midwest Current, Northwestern University's fall 2007 magazine publishing project prototype.


This is actually an AT_W editorial illustration. It accompanied a story about marketing religion the same way insurance companies do, "Switch and save," as it were.


This first image is the AT_W logo. The second was published inside. In Columbus, OH, circa early 2000s, a chain of supermarkets named Big Bear succumb to a new chain, Giant Eagle. This logo is a premonition of evolution. Land. Air. Sea.


Another prototype magazine. This one was aimed at working class Chicago suburbanites.