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The Toledo City Paper is an alternative weekly published by Adams Street Publishing Co., in glorious Toledo, OH. It has a circulation of about 90,000.

I was a part-time Staff Writer there in 2006.

However, because of my visual arts background, I was a regular contributor of regularly shelved cover art and design. But I submit some of that work here, with the accompanying tales of rejection, as succesful design... unsuccessfully implemented.

Though some ad creative designs of mine were published.

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Even though it was a motorcyle issue and this photo is from high above the biggest motorcycle night in Toledo, a direct parody cover of Easy Rider was chosen instead because, "People won't be able to tell they're bikes." Sad. OP


This is an unpublished design for a cover story. (read) It was felt by The Brass to be too busy. Toledo is "conservative" they said. "You're the alt. weekly," I said. The town has voted democrat for 10,000 straight elections.

This one made it!


Ugh. I really loved this one. It was for the area wine guide, a profile of area wine, vineyards, and winos. And he's a vineyard drinking his own wine! But we ended up only profiling the wine and the vineyards instead. Unpublished.


Spearheading TCP's cover redesign, I submitted the following four covers to the publishers.

Each employed various new elements and variations, ranging from complete change to conservative change.

Though TCP never ran with any of the following editorial ideas, the cover's overall design changed: the ink-style border and black box behind the logo were removed; and most freeing, the freeze on logo colors was lifted.

see old version




Minus the date and "free wednesdays" tags, and the "i" highlight, this is how TCP changed. Again, though never implemented, the "i" highlight was a unique effort to distinguish and personalize the TCP brand. I pushed for its inception every week.

Here I retained some of the original bordered cover, but also included a full table of contents on the front page, to free up much needed space in the book. That's my girlfriend's dog.


Toledo's mayor, one Carlton Finkbeiner, once spent $9,996 on a private shower in his office; $4 under the amount requiring disclosure. This stencil-ish cover is my vision of him King-Konging Toledo. I think he would've liked it.

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This version employed an abbreviated table of contents on the front page, again freeing space within the book. And how amazing is that picture!!?? That kid grew up to be one of my best friends. Unpublished. Amazing photo.

This, rightfully, was too violent in undertorne to publish. And overtone.