prints   This is some graphic work away from being Ohio's best tourism advert ever.   I think this is what it looks like when mold grows.   Flowers.   Sample from a photography book on hoops that is in the works.   Nature bein' naturale.   The future looking past the past.   Coloring in heaven.   Nelson Dewey State Park.   This was not published in Midwest Current, but it's so nice and green.   A beautiful old building in Toledo, OH.   Portrait of a friend of mine.   This is an American Type_Writer image. You just have keep looking at it.   After this the bird came to life and ate my camera. I saved the mem card. Lucky.   Never underestimate the amount of black magic talismans to be found at the Ohio State Fair.   The dog said, "We're not like the others... we're your friends." This is my hometown, Port Clinton, OH. I love not living there.   Water in .   Water out.   NYC, from inside a sculpture of Richard Serra's at the MOMA.   One day the backboard and the ball bled. Seemed like a good shot. [zing]   American instructions.   American instructions executed.   Outsourcing.   Buttercup/Why do you build me up?/Just to let me down?... Keep building, America.        


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