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The Greene County Dailies is comprised of three newspapers: Xenia Daily Gazette, Fairborn Daily Herald and Beavercreek News Current. Together they served Greene County's 140,000 residents.

County seat was in Xenia, which is 45 minutes West of Columbus, OH. After moving from Columbus Yellow Springs, I worked out of Xenia from 2002 to 2004 as a staff writer/photographer, and served as the FDH Bureau Chief until ultimately returning to Columbus to start own publication, American Type_Writer.

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On April 29, 2003, David Brewer was executed for murder March 1985 murder of Sherry Byrne, wife of former fraternity brother Joe Byrne.

Included in .pdf is the story of his execution and a first-person account of seeing a state-execution from inside Southern Ohio's Lucasville Correctional Facility.


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In February 1998, James Taylor (not the singer) walked into the Valentine's Day dance at the Fairborn Order of Eagles and killed Carolyn and Ron Rihm when he saw his estranged wife, Patricia Taylor, sitting with them. Another man was wounded. Taylor later attempted to have Patricia contract killed.

Taylor is on death row, taking swings in the appellate by claiming he went to commit suicide in front of his wife and that his arm was bumped and the gun misfired

This .pdf is an interview with him from inside Ohio's Mansfield Correctional Institute.


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In January of 2003, the Greene County Probation Department became embroiled in a year's long scandal that saw the embezzlement of of a few thousand dollars and the wrongful jailing of man.

This .pdf includes several stories the chronicle the story, which actually continued on past my tenure at the GCD.


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In December of 2003, a national gunrunning syndicate involving Wilberforce University students was unearthed. Coverage included commentary from John Ashcroft.

The .pdf includes initial break and some follow-up.


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When the War in Iraq started, now five years ago, I went to the main streets of each of Greene County's cities and townships and asked man-on-the street questions about, among other things, what it would be like in five years.

This .pdf includes two of the series.


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This .pdf includes five stories:

• "Ten traffic deaths this year" is a trend reporting story identifying the abnormal number.

• "Car-thieving suspects in custody" is a sad, if funny story detailing the failures of two young men.

• "The feasibility of Skyway Plaza" is a numbers-crunching piece on whether or not it was possible to move Fairborn's Municipal court to some new digs: the abandoned Skyway Plaza

• "Levy: Entity over Elderly" is part of a series that closely examined Fairborn's proposal to raise taxes to fix it's badly damaged local roads.

• "Vending machine vandal detained, escaped, detained — the odd story" is another sad, if funny story of desperate young man and his struggle with the Fairborn Police Depatment.


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An example of how busy a news day could be for the one reporter in city of 17,000. This .pdf covers a cocaine bust, a touching story about toddlers raising money for the cancer operation of their school's janitor, and a sports story about a senior's signing day for a college football scholarhsip.


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Two separate stories:

• Meth lab busted in classic suburban neighborhood.

• Largest marijuana bust ever in Greene County.


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This is a strange riding piece commenting on recent sentences of Kevin Holmes, who embezzled money though a dog tag fund, and Gary Adkins II, who severely beat a cop.


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When The Ohio State University won the 2002 Division I men's national tackle football championship, I was there on my own accord. I later submitted this editorial account of the trip.


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Fairborn City Schools were among the worst in the state. Here's just two stories from a decade's long struggle.


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